These blogs are about the NHS - but also about numbers.  I hope that they raise some interesting points that come from the data.  Sometimes I suggest that the data doesn’t look right - but maybe it is.  Please tell me when I have got it wrong (as we all do, however carefully we look at it) or when I have got hold of the wrong end of the stick.  And especially tell me if you can see a rationale or logic for the picture that I describe that I have missed.


Thanks for your help - it is by challenging and correcting the data, the analysis and conclusions that progress is made!


For those that are interested most of the data comes from nationally reported data sets available to all - and most of the time the analysis has been done in Tableau.  Because it takes so long for data to be published, some of the analysis is of old data.  Please, if there are examples where there are better or alternative sources of data let me know about these too.