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Has the audit led to changes in the way practices work?

Practices have reported a wide range of changes made in practices after the audit. Specific examples include:

  • Extending skill mix in the practice – with more Advanced Nurse practitioners and clinical pharmacist time – reducing the workload on GPs
  • We have used the results to re-organise our appointments system. This should reduce pressure on GP appointment by increasing the triage role of our nurse practitioners.
  • A series of self-care and care navigation changes – the practice plan to re-audit shortly to see if there are any noticeable differences Introduced new appointments types with different lengths
  • Agreed additional training for the reception team to enable them to streamline appointments
  • More telephone appointments
  • Triage in the surgery each day and starting to use care navigation
  • Set up arrangements with a local pharmacy to deal with minor ailments Education for receptionists and core navigation training

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