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How can the practice make sure the audit is as effective as possible?

  • Discuss the audit together at a regular meeting of the practice team – or if there isn’t one for a while, find 15 minutes to get everyone together.
  • There is no hard and fast rule about what is avoidable – each clinician will have a different perspective on their own role, what others can do, what patient’s can do for themselves, and what other organisations could pick up for the practice. Talk it through together, so you have a better understanding of what is involved. We would encourage you to complete this audit based on how general practice could be – with more investment and better working relationships – not just how it is now. So, if you had more colleagues in the team, a different skill mix, better links with local pharmacies, better information sharing with local hospitals – what could be done by others?
  • Agree how you plan to use the audit – it makes sense if you all agree to implement the audit for a fixed amount of time, such as for a particular week.
  • Agree to meet up once you have received the audit report for the practice – the real value in the audit is the discussion it generates and whether it leads to changes that reduce your workload and improves care for patients.
  • Identify specific actions – to make this even easier we have added a new action planning function that suggest options for making improvements based on your practice results. You can then decide as a team what simple changes would help reduce pressure in the practice, or what improvements require further funding or support. Again, the report identifies links to the national programme if you think you would benefit from further support.

the more you talk to each other, the more effective the audit will be

“The audit was a catalyst for change – it was a starting point of a journey for improving the way we work. The results, supported by a discussion within the clinical team, provided a basis for accessing local transformation funds and to a national award from the Self-Care Forum.”

Philippa White, the Practice Director, Upton Surgery

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