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Presentations 2011

The journey towards integrated 24/7 urgent care – breaking the mould without breaking the system

Workshop at the NHS Alliance Annual Conference in Manchester, 1st December 2011

Rick Stern


Clinical Variation in Urgent Care

Workshop at the NHS Alliance Annual Conference in Manchester, 30th November 2011

David Carson


Clinical Commissioning and the future of urgent and emergency care

8th November 2011


Commissioning Urgent Care: What do we know now and what does this mean for the new pathfinder consortia?

NHS Direct and NHS Alliance Workshop, 22nd February 2011, Central London

Rick Stern


Quality in Urgent Care

April 2011, Manchester

David Carson


Informing the Intentions of New GP Commissioners of Urgent Care

Advanced Health & Care annual conference, 25th May 2011

Rick Stern


Future of the OOH Benchmark

Advanced Health & Care Annual Conference, 25th May 2011

Rick Stern & Chris Carter


Joined Up Urgent Care

Pulse Conference, 15th February 2011

Henry Clay

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The Primary Care Foundation supports the development of best practice in primary and urgent care. We apply our work shaping national policy to support local change. We use information to create understanding, driving improvements in care, reducing unnecessary variation across organisations and between clinicians and developing practical tools for front-line staff in general practice and urgent care.