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Why practices choose to sign up

We have been speaking to many of the practices who have already taken part as we further improve and simplify the audit tool. We asked why they chose to use the audit and this is what they told us – as well as how the audit helps address the problems they are trying to solve:

  1. We are just working too hard – we are working increasingly long hours and there seems to be no way out. By looking more closely at the 1 in 5 appointments (rolling national average) that others could pick up we may find a way of reducing the pressure.
  2. We know we need to do something different, but we don’t know what. Like all audits, this simple review helps focus your attention on specific issues within the practice. Practices frequently use the audit as a general diagnostic tool.
  3. We are struggling to recruit GPs and nurses – this audit helps you make sense of what work could be potentially shared with other members of the practice team, including new roles such as practice pharmacists or GP assistants, or passed on to other organisations.
  4. We need an easy and effective way of meeting requirements for revalidation – all GPs need to complete a clinical audit and this is a simple way of reviewing your clinical work and potentially reducing workload too.
  5. We are working more closely in a network or federation with other practices – and this helps explore similarities and differences and how you might work together. We have no money to pay for development – there are no additional costs for using this audit as it has been funded in full by NHS England as part of the General Practice Forward View.
  6. We are part of a bigger national programme and we are looking at avoidable appointments – this web-based audit is much easier and simpler than working out your own way of reviewing appointments or using a paper-based system.
  7. We need it to be as simple as possible to use – the audit takes just seconds after each appointment and is simple to set up online. It also provides instant fully-automated reports for each clinician and the wider practice team.
  8. We want to know how we compare with other practices – nearly 350 practices and over 1,000 GPs have already completed the audit, so it is easy for you to benchmark how you compare to others (figures correct for May 2018).
  9. We want a way of showing how money could best be spent to support general practice – the results have been used across larger areas as the basis for further investment as funding from the 5-year Forward View becomes available.
  10. We want support in signposting how we might make changes – the latest fully-automated report identifies how the practice differs to others and suggests possible ways forward.
  11. We want to be able to check on our progress – the audit is designed to make it as simple as possible to re-audit after a few months to assess the impact of the changes you have made.

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